Beanzly Service Architecture

A service built to serve globally, running on a platform built to perform and powered by industry leaders & proven solutions.

Fully redundant

Beanzly solution is fully redundant, the architecture and design is flexible to meet increase demand for audio conferencing. All integrated services are fully capable of meeting peak demands and secured on all levels.

Globally distributed

As our number of servers will continue to grow, our engineering team’s job is to innovate ways to implement modular architecture which adds resiliency to the system. Beanzly application’s serving and validating audio conferencing PINs for thousands of request per second capability with primary and backup servers is one of the examples.

High available infrastructure

As a global audio conferencing service provider, Beanzly has partnered with many local yet industry expert service providers. We use our own network wherever possible and also rely on network of networks backed by carrier grade backbones which is extremely reliable, well tested and proven to perform.

Clean phone numbers

Local phone numbers are key to audio conferencing business success, we understand this key fact, therefore we thoroughly examine numbers before adding in our access list for customers. Our checks includes quality of number and determined to be from unwanted calls.

Automated failover

Internet is prone to errors, specially if we are dealing with large number of networks. Even best system will fail at some point in time but the key is when it fails what impact it leaves to end-user, therefore our engineering team’s job is to constantly work to minimize the impact on businesses.

Minimum latency

Our audio conferencing features global low latency region selection which benefits two or more participants who are physically close but far from United States. A conference call where all participants are dialing in from European countries which is mixed in Ireland will have lower audio latency for all parties versus the same conference mixed in the United States.


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